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“I was told surgery was the only answer. I tried the Fitnus Knee Relief Sleeve instead. Know what? I’m walking in significantly less pain.”
John Mason

“For millions of people, the Fitnus Knee Relief Sleeve can make a huge difference in their life. I recommend it to anyone with knee pain.”

Carl Rogers
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Healing Compression
Breathable and Soothing
Sleep Monitor
Activity Tracking

Comfortable Soothing Pain Relief.

The Fitnus Knee Relief Sleeve is a true breakthrough for knee pain sufferers everywhere. Combining the stability of a knee brace and the healing properties of compression, the Fitnus Knee Relief Sleeve is comfortable enough to be worn all day, while increasing mobility and relieving pain.

Support Where It’s Needed

Developed by a physical therapist, the Fitnus Knee Relief Sleeve targets and addresses the leading causes of knee pain, including arthritis, meniscus issues, soft tissue problems, and much more. It can and turn back the clock for millions.

Designed to Address Pain and Keep You Mobile All Day

Advanced Performance Fabric
Comfortable and soothing, the moisture- wicking, breathable fabric is ultra-tough.
Side Stability
Designed specifically for knees, the sleeve prevents twists and promotes full healthy movement.
Kneecap Protection
Gently cushions the kneecap and protects the surrounding soft tissue.
Stimulates the Meniscus
Gently massages the tissue for better elasticity. Plus it feels great!
Low Profile
Can be worn all day under clothing. The low profile and flexibility keeps your knee stable without limiting movement.
Acupressure Padding
Your pain points are gently-yet-constantly pressured, providing needed relief.


"I have knee arthritis and am in pain more often than not. I tried everything from electric TENS units to a bulky brace that I hated wearing and nothing seemed to work. But the Fitnus sleeve has changed everything. Not only does it relieve the pain but I can wear it all day."
Sandy Sorenson (Verified Purchase)
"Do not underestimate how much this knee sleeve can help you. I was a surgery candidate but I wanted to exhaust every option before going under the knife. I can say this sleeve works wonders. Will I need surgery in the future? Maybe but not now thanks to this sleeve."
David Weber (Verified Purchase)
"I run and it can be tough on your knees. I wear one of these on each knee when I run and I have to say they feel better than ever. The compression really massages them. Note these also are the only sleeves I’ve ever tried that actually stay up when I run."
Eric Morrow (Verified Purchase)
"I play in an over-40 softball league. I love it but my knees started to hurt so much that I thought my softball days were over. These knee sleeves have turned back time for me. I may be over 40 but my knees are feeling like I’m 25 again!"
Thomas Spencer (Verified Purchase)
Stock Is Running Low and the 50% Offer May Be Taken Down at Any Time. Order Now to Guarantee Shipment.

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